2013-14 International Wine Challenge awards for CWM: Large Independent Merchant of the Year UK; Regional Merchant of the Year: Eastern England; Fortified Specialist Merchant of the Year UK.
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IWC Merchant of the Year 2012

Cambridge Wine Merchants

International Wine Challenge, Wine Merchant of the Year 2012 : WINNERS!

also: Large Independent Merchant of the year UK, East of England Merchant of the year, Fortified Specialist Merchants of the Year UK

Tasting Events, Training Courses and
International Master-classes

What we offer

Wine tastings, tutorials and masterclasses from Cambridge Wine
Over the years we’ve hosted hundreds of highly successful and enjoyable tasting events. They’re great value and lots of fun. We are leading wine educators and experts, winners of many awards.

About our tastings

Our Credo is: fun, informal, informative. We are serious experts in our field but we entertain too – we enjoy what we do, and do what we enjoy.

Our Presenters and Tutors

Highly experienced and amusing wine trade professionals with decades of combined experience.


Our beautiful shops – several have stylish seating, for up to 40
Your place, or your chosen venue
Outside venues – restaurants, event venues, bars, hotels

Become a Host Venue

Make efficient use of your quiet times
High quality entertainment for your guests
Bring new customers in
Promote your wine list
We organise it all for you
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We’re super flexible but a standard tasting looks like this:
One presenter, 10-50 seated guests, 8-wines (3cl samples), 1 to 2.5 hours early evening.
Small measures are served one wine at a time, the presenter explains the wine, related wine issues and info, generally entertains. Guests are then free to chart and imbibe between wines.


We usually charge per head. Prices start from £15 per head depending on venue costs, quality level of wine, travel costs etc.

Why go to wine tastings?

They are fun, a great way for folk to mingle and chat, and remarkably good value compared to just having drinks in a decent bar.
Tasting wines against each other (with an expert on hand) is the fastest way to learn about wine generally, but also to learn why you do or don’t like certain wines – you’ll come away with valuable understanding that will help you choose the right wine for you in future.

What to taste?

We stock over 2000 wines, spirits etc so the possibilities are vast. Themed tastings are always fun – click here for more info and ideas. It’s not just standard table wine though, there’s Port, Sherry Madeira, dessert wines, Single Malt Whiskies (we have 400+ in stock), many artisan gins, plus strange and unusual specialist spirits from all over the world.

What we need for a tasting

Generally we provide: International Standard tasting glasses, the wine, spittoons, tasting note sheets for each guest. If we come to you all we need it some water for guests and maybe some refrigeration. Snacks etc are a good idea and easy to arrange.