2013-14 International Wine Challenge awards for CWM: Large Independent Merchant of the Year UK; Regional Merchant of the Year: Eastern England; Fortified Specialist Merchant of the Year UK.
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IWC Merchant of the Year 2012

Cambridge Wine Merchants

International Wine Challenge, Wine Merchant of the Year 2012 : WINNERS!

also: Large Independent Merchant of the year UK, East of England Merchant of the year, Fortified Specialist Merchants of the Year UK

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Tickets for our events are transferable but non-refundable.

However we do run a waiting list for sold-out tastings (and they nearly always sell out) - if you need to cancel we'll try our best to sell your place on to the waiting list.

7.00 pm

CWM Wine Appreciation Society: Fortified Wines

 The category of "Fortified Wines" contains many of the most classic, iconic styles of wine, encompassing the huge diversity of Sherry, Port, and Madeira, each with its own unique place in the history of wine and in the current market. It stretches from the crisp, light, dry white Fino wines of Sherry, to some of the sweetest wines in the world, making it a ripe area for tasting and comparing among the many producers.

On Tuesday March 19th, at the Cherry Hinton Road branch, the next meeting of our Wine Appreciation Society will center around fortified wines, tasting a full range of wines from across the spectrum, including some of the enduringly popular styles, alongside some less well known but equally appealing wines. Do come to learn about, and taste, this very special, historically significant, fascinating set of wines. 

Tickets are £15. To book, contact the Cherry Hinton Road branch instore, or call us on 01223 214548