2013-14 International Wine Challenge awards for CWM: Large Independent Merchant of the Year UK; Regional Merchant of the Year: Eastern England; Fortified Specialist Merchant of the Year UK.
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IWC Merchant of the Year 2012

Cambridge Wine Merchants

International Wine Challenge, Wine Merchant of the Year 2012 : WINNERS!

also: Large Independent Merchant of the year UK, East of England Merchant of the year, Fortified Specialist Merchants of the Year UK

Tasting Examples

The possibilities are endless, but here’s a small sample of our customers’ favourite tastings.

The Champagne Masterclass. From £25

Devised by Brett Turner, Chevalier in the Ordre des Coteaux de Champagne, author of Champagne, an Imbiber’s Guide and Chairman of one of the UK’s top wine merchants.
• A rare chance to taste many leading Champagnes against each other
• Compare Grower Champagnes from small family producers against the big brand champagnes such as Veuve Clicquot, Moet
• Understand the basics of how Champagnes is made, it’s history and why it’s the best
• Learn what makes Champagnes taste different from each other and what styles you like best
• Covering styles such as non-vintage, Vintage, extra brut, rosé and sweeter versions
• All you need to know about buying, storing and serving Champagne including (conditions permitting) a demonstration of the noble if somewhat dangerous art of Sabrage

The Prestige Cuvée Masterclass. From £40 to £85

All the joy of the Champagne Masterclass but pitting the best of Champagne’s rare and highly-prized Prestige editions against each other, against straight Vintage wines and supposedly “lesser” versions too. A VERY rare chance to sample these wines, the jewel in the crown of the Champagne industry, against each other. Clearly this is not a cheap tasting.
• Is Crystal worth five times the price of it’s baby brother Roederer Brut Premier?
• Is drinking Dom Perignon at eight years old (the wine, not you) a crime?
• Can you tell a $100+ bottle from a midweek-priced gem?
• Find out if they’re really worth the money…

Ancient and Rare Masterclass. From £30

We are in a profoundly favourable position in that as a fine wine dealer we have access to some of the world’s most impressive wine collections – from Cambridge and Oxford College cellars to private collections. We trade young wines for the VERY old – wines which have lain undisturbed for decades in perfect conditions. Taste wine 100 years old or more, compare grand mature wines against their baby descendents. Not often in life will you have the chance to compare such wines at one tasting.

Wines of Provence Available only in Cote d’Azure – see

Winemaking in Provence pre-dates even the Roman occupation. Many of the best wines are sold in the Riviera’s restaurants and rarely make it abroad, but we’ve rounded up some favourites including of course the best of the regions very serious Rosé wines for which it’s justly famous.

New World vs. Old. From £15

A straightforward head to head contest pitting the Classics of Europe against the Upstarts from the New World. Also a perfect opportunity to study factors affecting the flavours of wine: ripeness, acidity, alcohol content, oak ageing etc. CWM is in a prime position to host such events as we stock wines from all over the world – from Argentina to Alsace; from Beaune to Barossa.

France vs. The Rest of the World. From £15

France remains the world’s most important producer of high quality wine. The grand structured dinner red – a wine worthy of extended ageing - as we know it was “invented” in Bordeaux. Sauvignon Blanc may fare well in New Zealand but the Loire Valley is its ancestral home. All over the globe talented winemakers use French wine styles as a goal – but can they compete? On quality? On price? Can Chilean Merlot undercut Claret? Can English Fizz ever beat Champagne?

The World Pinot Noir Contest. From £15

Every winemaker’s goal is to tame this haunting and capricious grape variety. Pinot’s ancestral home is in the rural beauty of Burgundy, once tended by Monks – but will a thousand years of experience triumph over modern know-how and verve?

Giro d’Italia. From £15

A good old root around the corners of Italy – the one country where every single province makes wine. From classsics such as Chianti to the rustic charm (and value) of the South.

Tour de France. From £15

More fun than that cycle race and easier on the bum, here we investigate some benchmarks and some hidden gems from lesser-known areas. Results are always surprising – France really holds up supremely well for overall quality, and some of these “lesser” wines are top buys.

Best Dinner Reds. From £20

Avoiding quaffers and gluggers we head straight for serious wines of structure destined to be deployed at table. Always a joy to pitch each region or country’s best dinner wines against each other.

Fortified Fest. From £20

A radical proposal: to consider and evaluate Port, Sherry, Madeira (and other such fortified wines) as members of one vinous family and thus to some extent interchangeable in deployment/enjoyment. Try some ancient gems from the wine world’s most under-rated category.

Wine and Food Tastings. From £20

The possibilities are endless but here are some fun ideas:
Champagne as a dinner wine
Seasonal food and wine
Classic combinations (actually more fun than it sounds)
Regional/national food and wine pairings

Further ideas, Fun and Games.

We’re experts – we can hang a tasting around any these that suits you: wines from the decade of your birth; cheap vs. expensive. There are also many fun tasting games to play – for example Call My Bluff where teams try to convince tasters that the tasting note they are reading relates to the wine everyone is tasting.

The best of Single Malt Whisky

One of the most interesting tastings beyond wine is Single malt Whisky – so many regions, styles and ages to explore. Many of the most expressive whiskies are extremely rare - sometimes made in remote distilleries employing as few as three people. However, we have access to hundreds of the rarest, most interesting malts in Scotland (and beyond). Sometimes costing hundreds of pounds a bottle for ancient examples, we have these bottles already open for tasting.

Blind Tasting – intense team-building

It’s no surprise that the world’s leading blind tasting teams comprise super-competitive bright young folk from the world’s top universities. Involving fast and fierce analysis; teamwork; risk-taking; second-guessing and cunning strategy, it’s very intense - a seriously brilliant way to build teams and stress-test your powers of analysis! Marks are awarded not just for nailing the correct vineyard, vintage etc (which very rarely happens), but for convincing explanations of why you guessed the way you did.

A quick explainer of what to expect from various types of wines is all that’s needed to prepare novices for battle. We run events under standard match conditions using professional evaluation criteria & forms and strictly timed. Teams are usually made up of six tasters. Many of our tutors are ex-members of the twice-world champion Cambridge University Team – the very best.